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We're gaining ground fast.

There was a time when we never thought we'd see this day come, but the impeachment movement is growing and gaining a strong foothold.

Just today I was told another member of the House—Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa—is now saying he would vote to impeach Obama. This is significant.

I want you to know this is because of you and your family, friends and neighbors.

The pressure we've put on Washington to impeach Obama, remove him from office, has been intense. We've been able to send more teams into Washington thanks to you but we do need more.

Did I ever tell you what it's like trying to keep my people in Washington, monitoring the president, his administration and all 535 members of the House and Senate... with a few key people and on a shoestring budget?

How we can do what we do with the resources we have is pretty amazing but if you can help out by giving a few dollars, or whatever amount you can, I'd sure appreciate it.

Your donation would help assure me that we can keep our impeachment team in DC and add more people which we are desperate for in Washington. If we are going to make impeachment become a reality then it's not an option.

Already there are about 20 lawmakers in the House in support of removing this traitor from the Oval Office so we are making major progress.

Despite what you may have heard there are also Senators who are moving toward impeachment. Obama has become a danger to America and they can no longer deny it.

Add to all those on the Hill calling for impeachment big names like Lt. Col. Alan West, Fox News star Judge Janine Piro, rocker Ted Nugent, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Ret. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Watergate reporter Bob Woodard, actor Steven Seagal, Ambassador Alan Keyes, and Former Marine Corps. Lt. Col. Oliver North.

Every one of these people are just like you and me: red-blooded Americans who see the treason, high crimes and misdemeanors that Obama has repeatedly committed and they want him out. Do your part.

Look, battles are not won by cowards but by sacrifice.

I know it hurts to give, especially in these times. But if you sit back without doing anything, things will get far worse. We will be forced to give up our fight without the money to fund it.

Whatever you can give, big or small, helps tremendously. I can tell you that the last few scandals—the release of terrorists from Gitmo, the VA deaths and the growing IRS scandal—have taken a huge toll on our financial resources.

Please, I ask you to help us replenish our funds otherwise we can't do a thing. I just cannot let all of our hard work go to waste, can you?

Now you may wonder where the money goes. I have no problem sharing that information with you. The money you give supports sending our task forces to Washington and it funds letters, emails, faxes and phone call campaigns across the country.

Your donation also supports the rallies, demonstrations and protests we put together and our grassroots lobbying efforts nationwide.

Please give it all you've got. Our opposition plays dirty. You know that... and they are not above breaking laws and committing acts of atrocity to get what they want.

This week we have some critical code-red deadlines hanging over our heads. Missing them is not an option unless you want to see all our efforts at getting rid of Obama collapse like a house of cards.

You don't get where we are now without a lot of hard work and immense perseverance. You have to have an iron gut to hang in there when it comes to this fight.

While we've made great strides, we have so much to do.

I was hoping I could still count on you to stand by us, support our efforts. We need you now more than ever. I hope you're up for it. We cannot give up now.

Last week when Eric Cantor was booted out of office, America sounded the warning bell: if we don't like what you are doing we're going to throw you out.

That message shook Washington to its core. So the more we intensify our efforts and our voices, the more our lawmakers are going to move toward impeachment.

Elections are coming up. They don't want to lose their seats and that's clear.

But Rep. Barletta said something else telling. He said impeachment could pass in the House... but he was not sure whether the people were in favor of impeaching Obama.

Folks, that's our cue. We have to be louder, stronger, more powerful than we've ever been. We can't stop now.

We're marching so much closer to freeing America from Obama's deadly grip and restoring balance, justice, liberty and freedom. All we need is you.

Are you with me?

Steve Eichler
CEO, Tea Party

P.S. - Hurry, we have to make sure we keep a powerful force in Washington to keep the momentum going. A new poll just out shows the public essentially telling Obama, 'Your presidency is over.' A full 54% of the population see him as unable to lead the country. This is all the more reason we need to step it up big time. Our impeachment movement is catching fire. Please, don't let it burn out. Make a donation today—be sure it shows me how badly you want us to succeed in getting Obama impeached.


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